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February 10, 2008


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Bird Tracks

Been a while I know. Winter is hard. First the craziness of Christmas, then the drab really sets in and it’s just the craziness that gets to you. The computer seems to be my enemy here of late, I know I should keep in touch with friends, I just don’t have the umpf to turn the thing on. I just want to sleep, and see the sun again. I long to smell & play in the dirt, it just seems like we’ve had no sun in a very long time. Rain, grey, snow, more grey….ick

Hopefully soon


December 13, 2007


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For some reason this just looked peaceful to me


December 1, 2007

TGIF, Really

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I don’t remember the last time I was looking forward to the end of the week the way I did this week. I don’t know why, I got a lot done, I’m just wiped out.

At least the day had a pretty start…


November 30, 2007

Cold Sunrise

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It was very cold and windy yesterday morning when I stayed out after bus duty to snap this.  I’ve gotten in the habit of taking my camera down with me when I supervise the kiddies getting off  the bus as right now it’s about sunrise time when that happens.

Sometimes all it takes is the few minutes it takes me to run up to my room to grab my camera for all the colors to disappear.  It can be that quick sadly enough.

My camera has been complaining though, I think it’s time to get it a coat. 🙂


November 27, 2007

None the Wiser

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I was driving around one Sunday morning at the end of October and spotted several deer running thru this field towards the woods on the other side.  This one here kind of walked out of the woods like he didn’t have a care in the world.  Funny thing was when I drove past these woods, there was a hunter’s truck sitting on the other side.  Apparently neither party knew the other existed on the other side.

November 25, 2007

Looking for Hidden Treasures

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My husband likes to stuff peanuts in the cracks of what use to be the eagle’s nest our children would play on.  The swing and things have long since disappeared as the youngest is 17 soon to be 18.  R has made it his ultra deluxe bird feeding station.  Thus the peanut stuffing.  All the woodpeckers, flickers & nuthatches love it, they go around to all the different cracks and clean them out before they head to our peanut feeder.  That is what this guy is doing below. Woodpecker

November 24, 2007

Fall has fallen

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The last of fall clung to it’s owner as long as possible. Finally the last few days it realized it’s effort were futile and just let go. Very beautiful display if I must say so myself.

August 12, 2007

Bluebird update

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The “freshly hatched bluebirds” that I posted a picture of several weeks ago are just about ready to fly the coop as you can see by the above shot. It will probably be this week sometime that they come up missing. Mom & Dad are still feeding them as we saw dad take a worm in the box this morning.

Work is crazy getting ready to turn into chaos this week as the opening of school gets closer. Wednesday is the teacher’s day back, Thursday the kids come back. I’m holding my breath at this point and will probably get to exhale next weekend. It’s just the nature of the beast as it has been for me the last 8 years I’ve been employed there. Nothing has really changed, just my attitude towards the whole thing.

Today I’m making it a “me” day, all I’m planning on doing is reading and relaxing. In this sea of chaos I need some me time. I’ve even forgotten my own name at times the last few weeks, it’s all such a blur.

August 5, 2007

The morning after

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After the beautiful moon display last night we had an equally beautiful sunrise the next morning. Higher level, cold clouds in the atmosphere equals really good odds for some great shots at sunrise.

I was hoping for a peaceful weekend this weekend but evidently it’s not in the cards. There is always next weekend right? I brought work home in hopes I’d have some quiet time to at least sort thru the 2 months of paperwork and get it some what organized so I would start my Monday on a great note. Unless the stars align this afternoon I don’t think that is going to happen.

It is finally raining this morning. When I got up at 5 we had 4/10 of an inch so far, last check about an hour ago we were up to 1.25 inches and it’s still raining. We need it, they officially designated us in a severe drought as of last week. They said it’s suppose to clear up around noon and we are possibly going to get more tonight. Might not make for great outdoor weather on a Sunday but we need the rain more than we need a great weather day.

I have a re-occurring fantasy and the older I get the stronger the urge to put something together gets. It involves a bed & breakfast for the weekend, a large porch on said bed & breakfast, and the handful of women that I’ve met in my life who have touched me in a very profound way. I have the women all picked out, they are ones whom I call friends, who are stronger than they realize, honest to a fault, don’t really care about external thoughts and opinions as they are quite capable of trusting their own, who have had to pick themselves up off the floor time and time again and shined even brighter each time they have and the biggest requirement would be the ability to find humor in almost anything they’ve gone thru. I have 5 in mind not counting myself and the fantasy would be to just spend the whole weekend with these women, talking, bonding, sharing life stories and laughing. The need to bond with like souls grows stronger the older I get.

These women to me represent a handful of individuals who have not been afraid to take chances, not been afraid to fail, and when they have failed find humor in the situation to carry them forward. People who really have lived what I consider an authentic life, without all the pretense and bullshit.

I’m getting older, priorities are shifting, life is changing, my perspective is changing as it should. I’ve struggled with growth, demons and acceptance within myself, now it’s time to sit back and just enjoy. I think that is the common thread all of these women and I share, we are all reaching the same place at about the same time and we know how to celebrate it.

I like when that happens.

August 4, 2007

Moonlit night

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I had to pick my daughter up from work last night around 11:30pm. I left around 10:15 because we never know when she’s getting off. It depends on when the restuarant is done being cleaned, so a lot of times we just head up there and nap while we are waiting.

Before I even left my drive I had the opportunity to see a shooting star. I would of thought I was mistaken because we don’t usually see them that early in the evening, but it was like a textbook version so I knew what I saw was the real deal.

I picked her up and as we were headed out of town, there is was. One of the biggest moons I’ve seen in a long time. One of those kind that sits real low on the eastern horizon but looks like it is 4x the size of what the moon normally looks like. It was a beautiful orange color as you can see by the photo above and had clouds around it off and on. Unfortunately I’m not experienced enough with my camera to do justice to real to life night shots.

It was beautiful though, and it lit the landscape below with beautiful soften golden lighting.

It kind of freaked my daughter out, because she asked me if the moon was suppose to be that close to the earth. I don’t know if she thought something was wrong with the cosmos or what. *S*

All I know was I was glad I was the one that went to pick her up otherwise I would of missed this beautiful moonlit night.

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